Stark no Kage (starknokage) wrote in bakazoku,
Stark no Kage

What in the..?

You know what's funny? I was thinking of making this on Friday. Quit reading my mind!
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Hahaha~ nice... I made the community back in October ^^;; so there's really no way you could have registerd the name ;p ~nyaaa~ so I took care of it for you all ^_^;; I hope you enjoy how I set it up!
Quit reading my mind.... several months before I had the thought! AHHH!
>;D uwahahaha~~ you never know when I shall strike again!

lol- goes to show that great minds think alike? ^^;;
yeah, I was going to dedicate a fan group to each of the members of the Zoku, but I couldn't remember their names T_T

I think I might in about a week..... maybe, I feel like procrastinating
hahaha that'd be awesome! XD I wanna steal the idea but I don't wanna look like a complete bitch ;x

Their names are in the community info ;x hope that helps! ♥
you can do half, all I wanna make groups for is Chris and Joe, thoe others are fair game :p
ahh nevermind then, I only wanted to make Joe's
hehehe go ahead then ♥
you sure?! :o I don't wanna take your idea from you or anything...

T-T ♥
it's ok, my groups are going to just freaking rock! XD
yay for fangroups! :D *goes to make Joe group* uhh... we should name em something cool... like... "BakaZoku (name)" or like.. "Zoku(name)"

I'll go for the Zoku(name) fangirl/stalkers group hahaha!!!

it's going to be called that :3
so the LJ names will be: ZokuChris, ZokuJerimiah, ZokuJoe, and ZokuMike? or just... ZokuLovers LOL
do their names XD like so:

ZokuChris's Fangirls/Stalkers

soo.... LJ name: ZokuChris
Lj info: Chris's fangirls/stalkers

yes :3 I meant to specify that XD hehe
AWESOME! *goes to make Joe's and Jerimiah's*
wheee *goes to make Chris's and what's his names's hahahahahaha

Deleted comment

aaaaah shit I neede d to make them communites, I'll do it tomorrow >_

omg, that took forever @_@